7 Reasons Slime is Good for Sensory Play

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Curious about the benefits of using slime for sensory play? We explain the 7 benefits it has for your child with special medical needs.

What is Slime? 

It is a mix between a solid and a liquid. It typically has a gooey and sticky texture unless other items are added.

How to Make Slime


  • 8-ounce bottle of Elmer’s white school glue.
  • 1 Tablespoon baking soda.
  • 1 ½ – 2 Tablespoons contact saline solution or slime activator, more as needed.
  • Food coloring

Step 1: Add glue and food coloring to a bowl. Then mix in baking soda.

Step 2: Mix in saline solution. Add 1 1/2 Tablespoons saline solution and mix until combined. If it’s too sticky, add 1/2 Tablespoon more solution at a time. The more you add, the thicker it’ll be. The less you add, the slimier it’ll be.

 Step 3: Knead the mixture. 

Learn more here.

    Why is Slime Good for Sensory Play? 

    1. Tactile Experience

    Since slime has many textures, it gives a positive tactile experience due to the kneading/hand movements. 

    2. Visual Stimulation

    Slime is visually appealing. It comes in many forms, textures, and colors/glitters. It is also flexible and can form drips or bubbles.

    3. Auditory Engagement

    From the bubbles slime makes and the ingredients you can add to it, slime can make multiple sounds. From pops to sizzles to crackles, slime can do it all.

    4. Sensory Integration

    Slime engages multiple senses depending on what it’s made of. When playing with slime, the child takes in the color, texture, smell, glitter, sound, and function. Not all slime functions the same. It depends on if it’s made with beads, shaving cream, lotion, clay, etc. These ingredients can make the slime stretchy, super soft, or fluffy.

    5. Therapeutic Benefits

    Playing with slime involves our sensory experiences and kneading movements, all of which help with our nervous system. For instance, this can help with releasing tension and maintaining focus.

    6. Learning Opportunity

    Kids can learn by making the slime, discovering what it can do, and finding out what happens when colors or textures are combined.

    7. Fun and Engaging

    Overall, slime is super fun and a perfect tool for sensory play. Since it is a hands-on object and has a unique texture, kids can play with it for hours!  

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    *This is not medical advice, always consult with your child’s doctor before making any changes to their lifestyle. 


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