Tender Care Centers, Inc. - Lake Park

Coming Soon to the West Palm Beach area…

Are you looking for a place to take care of your child with Special Medical Needs?

Tender Care PPEC in Lake Park is the perfect place for your medically complex and fragile child. Our nurses, CNAs, and therapists are specially trained to take care of children with medical complexities and fragility. Tender Care provides a daycare-like environment so that your child can feel comfortable and at home.

 At Tender Care, our goal is to enhance the development of each and every one of our children in every aspect possible. With our collaborative relationships between families, physicians, nurses, and therapists, we know that we can make a difference in your child’s life.

 Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility! Tender Care PPEC is located in Lake Park, Florida. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Tender Care Centers, Inc. – Lake Park
South Florida PPEC Center
1015 10th St.
Lake Park, FL 33403

Facility Administrator: Brian Vermette, RN
Email: bvermette@tendercarecenters.com
Phone: (561) 559-1160
Fax: (954) 208-1746