About Tender Care (PPEC)

Tender Care has been providing PPEC Services for over 30 years!

Tender Care is a prescribed pediatric extended care facility (or PPEC for short). We provide care for medically complex and fragile children from birth to 21 years of age in a daycare-like environment staffed with nurses, CNAs, and therapists. In short a PPEC is a daycare for children with special needs. However, once you join the Tender Care family you will see that we are so much more.

Tender Care was the FIRST independently owned PPEC in the State of Florida with our initial center opening in 1988. This means we have 33 years of experience in the provision of loving care to this special pediatric population.

There are now 6 Tender Care PPEC Centers located through-out Florida with another coming soon in Texas. It’s our goal that where ever you are you will be able to find a PPEC. If you’ve been asking yourself “Is there a PPEC near me?” The answer is Yes! We are here to help and give you the peace of mind that your special needs child has a PPEC where they can feel at home.

Our goal is to enhance the development of each child in every aspect possible, through collaborative relationships between families, physicians, nurses, and therapists. This holistic approach to care is carried out in an environment that allows the child to engage in social interactions with their peers, meeting not just physical and medical needs but also their social and psychological needs as well. This results in thriving children, well-positioned to achieve their greatest potential.

We also provide transportation to and from the facility, complete with handicap accessibility at no cost. Each one of our vans is accompanied by a nurse or escort for the child’s safety.

While attending, Tender Care provides nutritious meals throughout the day. For our children that receive their nutrition through a G or J tube, our nurses are proficient in administering these feedings as well. What sets us apart is that we care, we have passionate hearts for our children and desire to see them succeed

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Tender Care PPEC Locations

Tender Care PPEC centers are conveniently located throughout Florida with new a new center coming soon to Houston, Texas.

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