Tender Care was a Guest on the DocTok Podcast!

 Providing a Helping Hand for Special Needs Children and Families.

Tender Care’s Director of Marketing, Thomas LoBianco, had the pleasure of being a guest on the DocTok podcast! They discussed Tender Care, a heartwarming adoption story, and how to pursue your dreams. 

The podcast begins with the Jibawi brothers and Tender Care’s Director of Marketing, Thomas LoBianco, discussing Tender Care. Thomas defines Tender Care as a PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) facility and elaborates that it’s a daycare for kids with special needs staffed with nurses, CNAs, and therapists. They continue speaking about the therapies provided at Tender Care which are physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Transportation is also free and kids can be picked up and dropped off at their houses up to an hour away. 

Next, they discuss the heartwarming adoption story of two Tender Care graduates. Thomas started at Tender Care as an Administrator at the Dunnellon facility. During his time there, two of his patients were being removed from their home. He asked his wife if they could watch the three-month-old twin girls for the night. She agreed and now they have had them for three years. Watch the full podcast video to learn more about his story. 

Lastly, Thomas gives advice about being the best at what you do and to pursuing your passions without holding back. If you have a passion for something and work your hardest, it will succeed because you are adding your authentic touch.

    DocTok podcast is a medical podcast that provides listeners with up-to-date information on a wide range of medical topics. The podcast is hosted by experienced healthcare professionals and aims to educate and inform the public about the latest medical research, treatments, and breakthroughs. 

    The show covers topics, from the latest developments in research to mental health and wellness. DocTok is an excellent resource for anyone interested in staying informed about the latest medical advancements and trends. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or someone who wants to stay informed about health and wellness, DocTok is the perfect choice.  

    You can find their podcast on YouTube and Spotify. They’re also on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

    If you would like to be a guest on their podcast, email DocTokPodcast@gmail.com

    Why should my child go to Tender Care PPEC?

    Tender Care PPEC provides care for medically complex and fragile children from birth to 21 years of age in a daycare-like environment staffed with nurses, CNAs, and therapists. We are the first independently owned PPEC in the State of Florida with our initial center opening in 1988. This means we have an abundance of experience and knowledge in providing loving care to this special pediatric population. We have 6 Tender Care PPEC centers throughout Florida, with our newest facility located in Lake Park.

    Lake Park Location

    Our goal is to enhance the development of each child through collaborative relationships between families, physicians, nurses, and therapists. This holistic approach to care is carried out in an environment that allows the child to engage in social interactions with their peers. This results in thriving children, well-positioned to achieve their greatest potential. We also offer transportation at no cost and provide nutritious meals throughout the day. 

    What sets us apart is that we care for and treat every child like family. We have passion in our hearts for our children and a desire to see them succeed.

    You can follow us on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    *This is not medical advice, always consult with your child’s doctor before making any changes to their lifestyle. 


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