Florida Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs

 Providing a Helping Hand for Special Needs Children and Families.

When your child gets diagnosed with an injury, disability, or illness, it can feel as if your world is falling apart. We want you to know that you are not alone. There are a plethora of Florida support organizations and resources to help you, your family, and your child.

Florida support

Parent to Parent of Miami

Parent to Parent of Miami is a community resource providing families of children and adults with special needs with information, education, and emotional support. They help parents become better prepared to meet the needs of their children. This non-for-profit is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

    Family Network on Disabilities of Florida

    Family Network on Disabilities of Florida

    Family Network on Disabilities of Florida, Inc. is a statewide network of families and individuals who may be at risk, have disabilities, or have special needs. FND works in communities around Florida organizing events, delivering free workshops, and providing assistance to families.

      Nathaniels Hope

      Nathaniel’s Hope

      Nathaniel’s Hope celebrates kids with special needs while educating and equipping communities to provide respite care and programs to their families. Nathaniel’s Hope is located in Orlando, Florida.

      The Family Café

      The Family Café

      Since 1998, The Family Café has connected Floridians with disabilities and their families with information, training, resources, and networking opportunities. They believe that by coming together during their Annual Family Café event, families can support, connect, and build disability-friendly communities. They are located in Tallahassee, Florida.


      Outreach Autism Services Network (OASN)

      OASN is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost social and academic programs to individuals on the spectrum for autism and related neuro immune disorders residing in the state of Florida. They are located in Ocala, Florida.

      Tender Care

      Tender Care Medical Services

      Tender Care is a daycare-like center that supports special needs children by providing nursing care, skilled therapies, and developmental stimulation. Our skilled professionals also provide information and training to the child’s caregiver and/or family member. We have 6 locations throughout Florida, one being our newest Lake Park center.

      5 Amazon Sensory Toys for Your Special Needs Child

      Are you an avid Amazon shopper? Do you have a special needs child? We found 5 of the best sensory toys on Amazon for your child with special needs!

      Batman Visits our Spring Hill Center [2023]

      Tender Care PPEC’s Spring Hill Center had an exceptional guest this month. Here’s a hint: 🦇👨………………….. That’s right! It was The Batman of Spring Hill! His duty is to provide great service to the city of Spring Hill Florida. He makes appearances for any occa and brings joy to every facility he visits.

      Tender Care was a Guest on Mama Knows Nada!

      Tender Care’s Director of Marketing, Thomas LoBianco, had the pleasure of being a guest on Mama Knows Nada! They discussed the operational processes of PPECs, how Tender Care supports families, and what makes Tender Care so special.

      Tender Care PPEC’s Palatka Tour

      Tender Care PPEC’s Palatka tour shows the perfect place for your medically complex and fragile child. Our nurses, CNAs, and therapists are specially trained to take care of children with medical complexities. Tender Care provides a daycare-like environment so that your child can feel comfortable and at home.

      Tender Care was a Guest on Two Moms and Some Labels!

      Tender Care’s Director of Marketing, Thomas LoBianco, had the pleasure of being a guest on Two Moms and Some Labels! They discussed the benefits, services, and protocols of Tender Care PPEC.

      Tender Care Medical Services Frequently Asked Questions

      Are you interested in enrolling your child into Tender Care? This blog addresses our most frequently asked questions to give you an idea of who we are, what we do, and how we will care for your child.

      Perry’s Moody Moos Came to Tender Care! [2023]

      Perry’s Moody Moos, LLC visited our Dunnellon Tender Care center! They brought bunnies, goats, a foal, and a calf! The kids had a blast learning about the animals and petting them.

      3 Benefits of Oral Function Therapy

      Curious about oral function therapy? We explain three benefits this therapy has for your child with special needs.

      These 4 Therapies will Benefit your Child with Developmental Delays

      Does your child have special medical needs and is diagnosed with a developmental delay? You may be wondering what therapy options are available to help them progress. Luckily, there are many therapies for your child. Continue reading this blog to discover some of the most common ones.

      Tender Care Donates to HorsePlay Therapy from Special Needs Resources Expo Proceeds

      On April 1st, Tender Care had a successful Special Needs Resources Expo at our St. Augustine center! During the Expo, we were able to raise over $600 which we donated to HorsePlay Therapy. A not-for-profit organization for kids with special needs and veterans with PTSD and other life-altering injuries.

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