5 Feeding Tube Myths for New Parents with a Special Needs Child

 Providing a Helping Hand for Special Needs Children and Families.

Child eating by feeding tube

Are you a new parent of a special needs child with a feeding tube and can’t distinguish the myths from the facts? Tender Care is here to help! We are a daycare facility for children with special medical needs and have many kids with tubes that we care for every day. Below are five of the most common myths we hear in our facilities


MYTH: My child can’t eat by mouth with a feeding tube.

If your child can eat and digest some foods safely, oral eating should be encouraged to maintain and develop good eating habits. 

Child with tube eating by mouth

MYTH: My child will have a feeding tube forever.

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation explains only a few children will have their tubes forever. Many of them can wean off their tube when it is no longer medically necessary.


MYTH: My child can’t be involved in physical activities if they have a tube.

Your child can be involved in physical activities. Tubes do not prohibit children from having fun!

Secure Feeding Tube

MYTH: My child can’t sleep on their stomach. 

It is safe for your child to sleep on their stomach with a tube as long as it is firmly in place.


MYTH: My child’s feeding tube is painful. 

According to St. Jude, feeding tubes may cause your child mild pain but, within 7-10 days, your child may forget it’s there!


Child being fed by feeding tube

If you are looking for a daycare facility for your child with a feeding tube and/or special medical needs, we will be thrilled to have a new addition to the Tender Care family!

Why should my child go to Tender Care PPEC?

Tender Care PPEC provides care for medically complex and fragile children from birth to 21 years of age in a daycare-like environment staffed with nurses, CNAs, and therapists. We are the first independently owned PPEC in the State of Florida with our initial center opening in 1988. This means we have an abundance of experience and knowledge in providing loving care to this special pediatric population. We have 6 Tender Care PPEC centers throughout Florida, with our newest facility located in Lake Park.

feeding tubes

Our goal is to enhance the development of each child in every aspect possible, through collaborative relationships between families, physicians, nurses, and therapists. This holistic approach to care is carried out in an environment that allows the child to engage in social interactions with their peers. This results in thriving children, well-positioned to achieve their greatest potential. We also offer transportation at no cost and provide nutritious meals throughout the day. 

What sets us apart is that we care for and treat every child like family. We have passion in our hearts for our children and a desire to see them succeed.

*This is not medical advice, always consult with your child’s doctor before making any changes to their lifestyle. 

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