What is PPEC?

PPEC stands for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care. A PPEC center is a licensed, non-residential, day treatment program prescribed by a physician for medically complex and technologically dependent children. Care is provided by a team of skilled pediatric professionals.

Tender Care’s daytime program provides skilled nursing care, skilled therapies, specialty consultants and developmental stimulation for medically complex children up to twelve hours per day.

PPEC Offers Many Advantages…

To the child/family:

  • Centrally located nursing and therapy decreases intrusions into family dynamics at home
  • Increased socialization with other children
  • Decreased hospitalization
  • Personalized case management ensuring the best care for your child
  • Offers caregivers increased potential to return to work or school
  • Early detection of potential health problems by licensed professionals

To the payer:

  • Decreased hospitalizations through early detection and case management
  • Increased compliance with plan of care resulting in less utilization of health care benefits
  • An average savings of 40% to 50% compared to Home Health services